Something to consider C19
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I`m all for  informed debate but this is a motorcycle forum and this sort of topic has no place here, particularly as it`s just dressed up vaxxer nonsense, which is why I`ve deleted it.
If you don`t like it then tough, go elsewhere.
Hello Bob, I trust you're keeping well.

I'm sending you a PM in a respectful reply with regard to your decision to delete my post.  I acknowledge its your privilege to do so.  I find it disappointing that you have done so though and I'll explain why.

1- Although I've, not met you personally I've found you to be a decent fella and have appreciated the time and energy you've given for the forum. 

2- My comments and the list of '18 Reasons' from the list by the author on the referred link were not intended to offend anyone and, are all factually correct, on public record if anybody cares to look.

3- The topic precedence was set by another post "Old Fookers" of which you and others contributed to.  I did not want to hijack another's post.

4- If I recall correctly Bob, you responded to a post of mine:

"I wouldn't trust the government even if they told me they were lying!"

Now, I'd say most people will consider such a comment to be of merit and an 'Open Minded' person at that.

5- This is an unprecedented time for all of us.  People have for various reasons from personal choice (of which I respect) but also, through coercion and threat of loosing their employment if they don't submit to taking a vaccination.

I am NOT anti-vaccination Bob. However, I don't support the unnecessary implementation of any potentially life changing untested and unlicensed (Of which ALL the current vaccinations are) vaccination and/or medication.

Bob, we can agree to disagree without falling out.  I'm sincere about my post. Very few people are aware of the side effects and certainly not for the medium to long term, and in general, are not advised of same.

So here we are Bob, I've sent you a PM as a courtesy not knowing if you will read, delete or reply.  I'm happy for you to post my response in its entirety onto the forum if you so choose.

Finally Bob, I bear you no ill will and I hope that you and everyone else whom has been or, intends to take a C19 jab all the best and not to encounter any side effects.  However, please realise that censorship leads to fascism and tyranny should you not want to be above that?

Best regards

One of the reasons this forum has survived all these years, and everyone  has contributed in the correct spirit, is that politics and religion are considered to be off topic and so consequently, there have been no arguments between us.
I appreciate you posted in good faith and have no wish to start WW3 on here, however, it is a very contentious issue and will no doubt  be in danger of kicking off some serious falling out between members. As I said, there are other forums for arguing over this issue but not this one.
Because I`m not allowing discussion of this topic on here does not mean I`m a fascist and I resent the implication that I am, it just has no place on this bike forum.
I consider this topic now closed so that we can all stay friends.  Smile
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