Water has got in my cheap aftermarket tail light again and almost a year to the day I had the same horrendous ride home in the rain as it got dark with the light packing up but a few LEDs still working this time. Wink   I have ordered the same crap Chinese one as last year as it looks the best of a bad bunch but this time I am going to seal it with silicone from new.  Have wired in an LED stop tail reflector as well for a bit of redundancy which seems to work well.

While messing about checking the lights I noticed my led pilot bulb was flickering so had a look at that and turns out it was loose in the holder I got for it.  While struggling to put it back in the bulb dropped into the lens so had to remove the headlight bulb and fish it out with sticky tape on a telescopic aerial magnet thing.  Was cursing the bike as its such a tight struggle to remove the bulb and get your hands in that area! Wink  I think its playing up on purpose to tell me bit to use it for work now its getting dark. Smile

[Image: 73975677-D740-4-D4-A-94-E9-5-EAFF086-A854.gif]
I have no idea why we are compelled to have a parking light as no one has ever used it ever. It would drain the battery in no time anyway.
I use mine as a feed for heated grips and never been asked why I have no pilot light at an MOT
Whoever designed the beak with its complete lack of accessibility should be condemned to the bowels of hell for eternity. 
I`ve lost count of how much skin and blood I`ve donated over the years as my hand is too big to fit inside the tiny gap though I`m sure Mr President would be just fine  Big Grin
I thought the pilot bulb was more of a backup so you can still be seen if the headlamp bulb goes at night so like to have one working. The new rear light arrived today so I opened it up and went to town with clear silicone and put it back together and fitted it. Used a thick bead of the stuff instead of the spongy gasket that came with it and put plenty on the back where the cable goes in should help keep it dry inside.
If the pilot bulb was a backup then it would be more than 4W.
More like an archaic bylaw that has never been repealed.
I ca see the sense of having it on a car, but not on a bike?
Bike has been driving me mental and it nearly got a punch in the beak. Managed to get the pilot bulb in by removing the headlight bulb and pressing my finger on the pilot bulb while pushing the holder in place as it kept dropping into the lens. I had that in and working and then went to fit the headlight bulb, the bulb went in at at funny angle and then dropped through into the lens which shouldn't even be possible. So there is me trying to get my fingers in and fish it out but of course getting it out again required twisting it into just the right position so it would come out, was like one of those brain teaser puzzles. Finally got it out again only to find I had broken off the retaining clip in the process and then was trying to fit that the wrong way around. Wink

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