Maybe good for someone
Hi found this advert in local site ( Spain )
Works Suzuki parts which were fitted to the factory Dakar bikes. Nice find.  kick start setup would be nice to have. I had the left hand engine cover some years ago but its of no use unless you have the kick start setup as it gets rid of all the starter gears and I think it requires the DR600 rotor. I swapped mine for Hessler parts.
Holy moly some price for some special parts!
Even with the decomp I wonder how hard a big would be to kick?
Where did you come across the parts Nug and Batsey do you know anything of this guy selling them and how he came across them?
I seem to remember that the guy advertised some parts on here and just happened to have the engine cover. He had other parts previously which he had already sold. He was something to do with the supermono scene I believe? I bought it as an item of interest rather than any intentions of using it. In the end, I thought it would have a better home with Hessler. I asked him if he was interested in it as he has pukka works kitted bikes. He was happy to have a deal on some of his parts. 

Have you seen the guys on youtube that have done kickstart conversions? It uses DR 600 parts for the main part. The gear is one tooth larger than the 600 it think? This means you have to make a gear! Oh, and you have to mod the clutch cover for the shaft etc. The inner crankcase is ready to take all the parts. I wonder if Suzuki originally had intentions of selling the BIG with leccy boot and kicktsart? It was common on other singles of the time.

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