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(05-09-2020, 09:28 PM)dave#22 Wrote: Back to chain issues.....

Last weekend before taking the DR out for a run into Wales, I noticed that the split link looked a little tight, so forced some oil past the X ring with the help of a fine screwdriver and thought....I'll do that next week, anyway no issues on the 240mile ride.
Last week I extracted the split link and it fell out on the floor, one pin had completely fractured....there was no grease left on the pin and it had was an AFAM 525 high quality X ring chain, so I replaced it with the same.
it's been on a few years and done about 30,000km's, with 3 front sprockets, 2 rear,  so I suppose I can't complain.
Holy crapola Dave you got your use out of it! Where were you in terms of the snail eccentric adjuster after 30k and do you use a chain oiler? Also you use a split link instead of rivet yeah? I've always changed chain and sprockets as a set, do you often reuse a chain across multiple sprockets?
Hi Colum...answers...I don't use the eccentric adjusters, the steps are too large for finite adjustment, I've made m8 screw adjusters....just like the old bikes had. Big Grin

The chain stretch was next to nothing, maybe 3-4mm over 116 links, pretty good I'd say.

The split link is a rivet type, I don't think a spring clip type is available for this type of chain.

I always buy the best chain IMO and replace the sprockets when the fronts start to deform and the rear show signs of wear....usually 3 fronts to a rear.

Yes, I do use a chain oiler, on the chain coming off the front sprocket and regular coatings of gear oil, messy but effective.

It seems you caught this failure just in time. Weird you and Bob and now myself (mine was stiff) have found the rivet link even when correctly assembled is a potential failure point! Any thoughts?
When pressing up blue dr's chains link I left the link ever so slightly wider in the hope it wouldnt stiffen.

Would love to see a pic of your chain tensioning arrangement! Need to pay more attention to your bikesWink
Some pics from Dave

[Image: 20200906-134731.jpg]

[Image: 20200906-134710.jpg]

[Image: 20200902-143459.jpg]

[Image: 20200906-143935.jpg]

Looks a great solution there Dave. It wouldn't be me if I didn't have a couple questions Smile
Are they made by you or bought and if the later from what bikeWink
I'm assuming you just ground off the width of the adjuster piece inside the swinger from the spacers yeh?
Why's the adjusting bolt drilled? Lock wire?
Any mods required to the swinger for this?

Where was that plate in the pack and what's your release bearing like? The wee top hat it sits on in my red Dr appears to be an upgraded part with a hole for oil feed to the bearing. My donor 88 dr didn't have this. Incidentally mine was blocked and the bearing was a non oem one and rumbly. I did have a some smeared plates, the first two.

Dig the new discSmile what brand?

Jesus yer haunted with that link Dave!
Answers..... Smile
As you've probably guessed, I made them myself from 3mm stainless plate.

Ground off.!!!...machined in my lathe, I took the steel insert out of the caliper carrier, machined 3mm from it and popped it back in and 3mm from the spacer on the LH side.

Adjusting bolts are only drilled as a dimple, for aligning the adjustment left to right, they did originally have white paint in the dimple, but that's well gone.

The adjusting bolts are machined with a 90deg taper at the end and the swingarm ends have a 90deg dimple to engage the bolts.

No idea on the clutch plate, but three had failed, out of eight, I had no idea there was a problem as the clutch was working fine. I fitted the plates about 5yrs ago...make unknown.

Release bearing...I use the later DR800 clutch with doesn't have the thrust bearing release, but a sealed ball bearing...much better.

The disc is a new Suzuki item bought a few years ago, when they started the vintage parts scheme...I seem to remember it was quite cheap.

Update on the other links were tight, so I phoned Bike Torque Racing this morning, explained the problem with the split link and they are sending me another link FOC...nice people.


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