just thought i would stick up a few pics of my DR as i started to strip it down to clean 20 years of crap .Almost all of the bolts that were exposed to the elements where completly siezed as was the top yoke.After taking the front cowl off i see theres not much in there and thought about a single tank and high front guard.Has anyone fitted a different tank on to this older model .does the later tank fit?
[Image: DSCF0082.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0065.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0068.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0033-1.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0094.jpg]
the old girl is pretty knackered isn't she ?
There lies a bike with experience...no corrosion where the oil leaks are. Nothing that cant be cleaned up painted or repaired though. Good luck with it spen....if you change the body work let me know if you want to sell any of the surplus bits please mate. If you look on Advrider there is a guy on there fitted a 650 tank to his although it was an sr43 though http://www.advrider.com/forums/showpost....tcount=629 Either way its possible if you knock up new mounts I imagine.

hi mate if you go on google imagines and just hit in dr 800 there are plent of pics of cut up bigs ang if you click on the imagie i might take you to a forum and there could be good info on a single take hope this helps keep us up to date mate
Hope to have it completely stripped by Fri as i"m back at work and don"t have a minute.May need Bobs help figureing out where it all goes Big Grin
If you want a single tank, there are not many options. A GS550 tank will fit but you`ll have to redesign the seat, which then loses the DR look and it looks more flat tracker. I`ve used a DR 600 tank on my off road bike. You`ll have to remove the tank mounting lugs and make up two metal plates, which mount behind the coil/frame mounts and through the frame downtube, and make up new tank mounts higher and further back, if you want the tank to sit against the seat correctly. There`s all of 3mm space between the coils and the bottom of the tank. I would have mounted it lower if I could have found a sensible place for the coils to go. Forks are DR 650 1994, which are essentially the same as the 800 but 30mm shorter and has a bigger disc. Front guard is Ascerbis and bolted to a plate I welded to the bottom yoke. Headlight is cheap and nasty but keeps water out of the electrics. Weight is about 158kg, so no lightweight but I can still frighten myself silly in the mud Wink
Yes, I know the bike needs a clean, but it will only get dirty again so why bother? :D
Three other Bigs in the background and two more in my other garage :D :D
The bike looks good ,sounds like alot of work and i still prefer a large rally type tank.The other dr"s look sweet ,I am thinking about painting the engine casings while its apart to tidy it up have you any suggestions for a paint or where you can get a grey match for the original.
PJ1 is the best engine paint, though unfortunately you can`t get the same shade of silver as the original. I`ve done all mine satin black years ago and it`s lasted well.
Don`t know if something like an Africa Twin tank would fit, though I wouldn`t have any `orrible `onda bits anywhere near my bikes Wink
So did you use the DR650 Yokes & stem? Just wondered if they are a direct swap? Nice herd of Bigs Bob...lol

I can get my hands on a BMW1150 gs tank ? I didnt want to paint the engine black as i am getting the frame and swinging arm black dont want anyone thinking i"m in the hells angels LOL.If i can get the frame powder coated grey i might go for a black engine.Cant wait to start .Had a bugger of a time getting the top yoke off seized on solid ,steering head bearings where fooked.

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