Here is my old DR650RS
Yes H,
Going to get the wheels cleaned up and put the forks on and wheels. After that clean the engine and spray it myself with VHT satin aerosol.

Body work is in great condition so I reckon I'll get away with a Tcut and polish. New pattern decals from Italy will help. If I'm happy with the bike I'll have the wheels re-spoked at a later date.

I have the Hessler s/s header and I've gone for a Marvic or is it Marving tail pipe. Should look good. More work when I'm home at the weekend.

P.S, I don't reckon my linkage bearings needed replacing , but I did it anyway. Around £45.00 if I remember correctly. From ebay.
Rob from Dartmoor.
Quote:Nug would that all balls bearing/bushings/seals kit work for the 750?

Theoretically it should do all bar the shock bearing. Need to have look at the part numbers to be sure.
It`s looking good so far Thumbup
Surprisingly, the bearings in the linkage seem to always hold up well. I think it`s because they retain the grease well, though I`ve seen a few worn bushes.
The fork springs on the 650 were notoriously soft, which meant lots of dive on braking, so you may need to upgrade them with Progressive or similar.
More £££££ Sad
Work work work. That's all I seem to do these days, hence the ultra slow progress.
Here are a couple of pis of 'some' progress :

[Image: 20191026_202621.jpg]

[Image: 20191026_202538.jpg]

[Image: 20191117_155957.jpg]

The new pipe is a Marvic, cheaper to buy from Italy on Ebay than in the UK Banghead , I went for this due to the two mounting points. It's chromed steel, but should last for a few years

[Image: 20191117_160059.jpg]

Old exhausts up for sale ...£200.00 anybody ?

[Image: 20191117_160152.jpg]

Forks should be together soon and I can fit the wheels and engine.
Thumbup Rob
Rob from Dartmoor.
Thumbup Thumbup
A little more work done. Wheels are a bit scaby, but will have to wait for a refurb untill I have some more cash. The forks have new seals and bushings. I also upped the fork oil from 10 weight to 15. Uprated springs will also have to wait. New disc up front, rear to follow. Tidying up the loom soon and will fit that next.

[Image: 20191208_145954.jpg]

[Image: 20191208_150012.jpg]

[Image: 20191208_150021.jpg]
Rob from Dartmoor.
You are doing a sterling job on that Rob Thumbup

When do you plan to have it up and running as if it is before June 2020 you may want to consider a mount for some scuba gear.... Confusedhock:
I have my wife's permission to keep breathing!! Big Grin
Haha, I know what you mean Deano.
I left my house at 7 a.m with heavy rain, headed down to do some work in darkest Redruth & Truro, in the shire of Cornwall. I just got home and it has pissed down all day.
Got to get some motivation to go out into my garage and attatch the loom tonight. I can be so lazy some times.

Rob from Dartmoor.
Excuse my French, but Oo la la, I wish I'd taken more photos of where the wiring loom runs. I'll sort it, but it's a head scratcher.
And thirty years of component dirt takes SOME cleaning.
Rob from Dartmoor.
Looking good but you have got the forks arse about face. Maybe make some preload spacers for the fork springs as a short term cheap upgrade. You may find that the jump up in fork oil grade will make the forks unresponsive and slow without some extra spring rate.

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