need help on adjusting carbs on a SR43A
Hello Guys. I am doing maintenance on the carburetors as the bike is flooding the cylinder with gas. I am confused with this screw ( on the picture ). I do not know what it is called ( air screw mixture? ) It should have an o'ring somewhere? but I'm not sure. Do you know what the initial setting is? How many turns should it have? the turns start from the close position right? the floats where a little off measurement so I corrected to specs. I have checked all the jets and they are all clean. the membranes are like new.
[Image: IMG-1363.jpg]
Pilot air screw 2 turns out.
You need part nos 39,40,41 and 42
In addition to the pilot screw, there`s a spring, part no 13268-47070, a tiny brass washer, part no 13291-29900, and a neoprene tiny washer, part no 13295-29900.
Be careful as the washers are only 3mm in diameter. I always keep a couple spare as I invariably drop one and can`t ever find it.
Also, definitely replace both O rings no 30. Part no 13374-35C00 as these cause lots of leaks

You come on here and ask a question and then don`t come back to check if there`s an answer.
Hi guys!
Newbie question, does the right side carb have also pilot screw like the left one? Under the small cap?
Can’t find parts 39-42 at carb pictures (looked different year models).
My Dr800 is 92 SR43A, completely original. Starts great, runs great, just sometimes shuts down by itself when idling. I turned left pilot screw from 2 to 3, now it stays running nice. I keep idle rpm close to 1500.
It’s been sitting last 5-6 years before I bought it a week ago. Now I’ve been driving close to 1000km this week.

Br, kane
Yes, both carbs have a pilot jet  #45.
If the bike has been standing for years then both jets will be partially blocked and really need cleaning out.
Your bike will never run right until this is sorted
The hole you need to clean is 0.45mm in diameter so you will need a very fine piece of wire
Maybe you could use something like this added to the fuel and it might clean it out but I think you will need to do it manually


Now idle is pretty good, just wondering the right carb pilot screw, is there one under the cap?

Br, kane
Yes there is a pilot screw underneath. It is possible to drill it out if you are very careful but if the idle is running fine then just leave it.

Ok, thanks for the info.
I’ll drill it open if I need to take carbs off for overhaul.
This time I try NOT to fix things that ain’t broken...
Brakes overhauled (pistons cleaned, fresh fluid, new pads) and steering bearings had to be replaced, new spark plugs.

Amazing bike  Cool

Thanks, kane

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