It feels like they are taking the piss, I only went with them last year for the 90 day included european breakdown cover because I was planning to go abroad, don't think that is happening this year, also because I was so long on the call sorting out the mods I had had enough.  I had an sp30 5 years back in the car but that's all dropped off now so shouldn't come into it apart from that good record and over 10 years no claims so there is no reason it should be so high.

Been listening to Footman James hold music for an hour now fed up with it but have till the 28th to sort the insurance.
To give them their due Footman James rang me back as I sent them an email mentioning being on the line for an hour and a half.  They gave me a much better quote than Bennett's £239 with £150 excess however because my bike was registered in 91 it is not 30 years old for insurance purposes meaning that I will have a strict 5000 mile limit. Sad  However the chap on the phone said that come Jan 1st the bike will be 30 years old so I could ring up and redo the insurance and then have 10000 miles.

Maybe when you are with Footman James you need a dozen Bigs in the garage if you want to do alot of miles a year, 5000 on each one Wink

Hmmmm decisions decisions...
It`s the date of manufacture and not registration that determines a bike`s age.
I`m with FJ and my bikes have to be 20 years old to qualify classic insurance, not 30.
Also, I have no restrictions on mileage either.
I`d contact them again as it sounds like they are talking utter bollix.
I will try ringing them again Bob but maybe they have changed their terms for new customers and it doesn't affect you.
I feel the pain.......  I renewed mine yesterday €294 (Fully Comp - Pillion, Ride any other bike, Euro recovery, Agreed Value 2 X bikes & taxes) with Carol Nash whom the agent said was now with Axa Dac.  That's for my Africa Twin & DR800 I sold my ST1300 end last summer which I loved, fab bikes.

The issue in Ireland is there are only a few insurers so no real competition and, in reality, they appear to be a cartel anyway - insurance & banking.  I've no love for any of them however, I must admit that I've been recovered one or two times each year with punctures which will have proved expensive to sort out myself.

Biking isn't cheap when you tot up everything!
Same craic here Dave, renewed yday also with CN, pric*s wanted 380, a number which they pulled outta their arses seemingly as after paying tennis between them and principal I paid 261e 3rd pft on the four bikes.
Last time our insurance industry regulator did a surprise raid on our suspect companies, who were clearly in breach of industry wide price fixing they arrived to find some red hot shredding machines and empty filing cabinets. The tip off was given on the golf course seemingly.
I used CN when they first started 30 years ago and were excellent vfm.
After 15 years I noticed my premiums were going up by a huge amount so went to FJ for the same deal, same undewriter, for less than half the price.
The excess that you pay with CN goes to pay for all the shows they sponsor and all their massive advertising.
Insurance is a bloody rip off at the best of times and CN are among the worst.
I use a company called Be Moto. About £80 for the Dr £250 for my tiger 1200. There is a bloke on phones called Manny South African gentleman. He has owned a few Dr Bigs. Very helpful and knows his stuff. I would recommend them.
I just looked at last years docs - excess was €250 per bike now €75 and overall premium €30 lower this year. But, you have to complain.  I advise them that I'm a 'Professional Coach Driver' never had any points or convictions, undertake annual training and vetted by authorities (School bus) so squeaky clean!..... Then, I hear the toilet flush as they don't listen nor give a feck!

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