Students and fear of exams!
Fear of test papers is common among students. But it should not affect their day to day things. Exams are a way of testing a student’s caliber. Exams are considered as a curse by students. The near of exams means the beginning of fear in the mind of a student. Exams are the only things that affect a happy student. The fear of exams interrupts the smooth course of a student’s life. Their activities like games, musical concerts, debates everything will be interrupted when exams are nearing. During exam days students are not to be found at the cinema houses, restaurants, and other places. It is mainly conducted to test student’s ability what they have done during a term. And also to judge what improvement they have during a term whether they have been using the time productively. If there were no test papers, the ability of many students’ could not be judged. Students should try their level best to achieve good grades in the test paper. essay writing services help students in preparing quality essays online. These marks are going to get them a good future. And also they know that these marks are communicated to the guardians who will take them to ask if the marks are not good. They also know that if they fail they will experience a feeling of shame. All these things make things to urge a student to work hard. But exams are not that much important to test a student’s caliber. Because a student can memorize certain portions of the text and if a question is set from the part they have learned he/she will no doubt secure good marks. Standard of marking all papers are not the same because different examiners mark different papers in different moods. Most of them believe that a simple crucial examination is certainly no test of ability. One of the main reasons for test papers is that throughout the term the students are paying little time on their studies and so when the test is near they have to focus all energies on studies.

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