Hey from Yorkshire, and elsewhere
Hey all.
I would have sworn I registered here when I bought my '96 Big in 2016. But I guess not!
Ridden her a reasonable amount in Holland, where I bought her. Had always meant to go to Hessler's place, as I used to work for an institute based in Leipzig, but never got around to it. Did a trip to France, where I wiped out on a slick, twisty road and dislocated my shoulder (the pic is from about 15 minutes before that happened), luckily the Big didn't suffer much.

I moved to the UK last September, and haven't gotten around to importing the bike yet, so I'll be bumping the thread that talks about the V55/5 form maybe :?

Before this I owned an Aprilia Tuareg 600 while living in W Africa, as well as riding a lot of project 125-150cc 2 stroke bikes, and a Honda Xl185 in South Africa.

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eee oop! Where in Yorkshire?
Welcome, that sounds nasty dislocating your shoulder, I did the same thing going down a hill in the wet but I fractured the ball joint as well so put me out of riding for almost a year, amazing how it all heals up.
Thanks gents!


I'm in York for another week, moving to Ripley. My work gets me out all over West Yorkshire, Harrogate and Selby district too. Whereabouts are you?

Ouch, fracture is unpleasant! I got to spend a month at my parents' place in the south of France to heal up. I first dislocated it in rough surf in South Africa 13 years ago. I'm hoping it's not going to happen again!
I`m in Essex but my wife is from Yorkshire and very proud of it!

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