Something else I play with
Here she is

Aussie johnno

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thats one classy shed mate Tongue Thumbup
I had a D14/4 back in the day when I was young many years ago.
It was the most hateful and unreliable pile of scrap I ever owned .... apart from the Fanny Barnett Plover I had before that.
I was the 15th owner of the Bantam and the 18th owner of the Plover, and certainly not one of the previous owners could have been considered to be "careful".
Yours by contrast, looks very pretty.
Hi Chaps,

A couple of the other modes of transport


Makes the DR seem like a two stroke chuckabout


I know, not a bike, but I like it

The Z1300 is a rare old beast Steve. The Fiesta,rare as well, "fly"? reminds me of being 16 when me and my mate were out in his mums one ( he was 16 :wtf: ) & we drove past a golf club and a ball hit the screen and smashed it...he ended up in big trouble and I had glass in my face.

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