Certificate of Conformity
You`ll need to contact Suzuki for one, but don`t hold your breath.
You will find that Suzuki are a total bunch of uncaring tossers who are not interested in helping you
Why do you need one?
If i remember correctly alot of the V55 stuff doesn't have to be filled in, I went through this process to Reg a 1967 bike that had no plate or tax book I used a guy at the VJMC to do the paper work £55 . May be different with an import !! I hope someone can answer this question properly as i have been thinking of buying a US bike myself Confusedhock:
You shouldn`t need a certificate if it`s an EU bike.
A change of headlight and speedo is an MOT requirement and has nothing to do with DVLA
In the days before the Tory bastards took over you could talk to a human at the DVLA to clarify all this
Hi Paul,
I imported a couple of bikes from Germany last year.
like Bob mentioned you don't need to do the speedo or headlight to get it registered but you do need to get an mot.
If you take it to a common sense mot station at most they will ignore the speedo and just tape up the dip part of the beam that would shine to the wrong side of the road here in the uk, which then become's just an advisory. But most station's wouldn't even bother.
All the questions in your last post does not need to be answered to get it registered.
Just take the information of the german reg doc eg,
Date of reg,
date of reg in the uk, make that the start of the next month after you send the form,
Body type,
taxation class,
Unladen weight,
cc size,
Type of fuel,
Number of seats,
Wheel plan,
Type approval number (Exempt)
Power in kw,
Vin number
Engine number,
These are the only answer's you will need.
I take it you have done the NOVA business aswell ?

While it's still fairly fresh in my mind please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any help.

Cheers Bob.
SR43B 1996
Great reply cheers
Just to show off here's the 2 bikes.

SR43B 1996

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