Eifel2015 - German DR-BIG-meeting..
Hello BIG-fans&friends..

We would like to invite you to our international DR-BIG-Meeting 2015 in germany from 04.june to 07.june..
the location is near the national-park Eifel..

eifel2015-thread in the german-board:



you are welcome..
Hi Jörn, how is life with you? Long time no see. :wave:
Nothing much happens on this site and very few of us seem to even ride our Bigs so don`t expect a huge invasion from the UK!
As it`s only 230 miles from Calais and just 15 miles over the border from Belgium, it`s not too far for us, just a morning`s ride.
The Ardenne/Eiffel region has some great roads and scenery so it should be good.
Anyone else up for this?
Hi Jorn. I hope all is well with you ? Thumbup

Sound good mate. Looks like the OTT crew would be interested but as mentioned, not many of the forum members venture far from home unfortunately :tdown:
nug Wrote:Looks like the OTT crew would be interested

:clap: Thumbup :wave:

Some of us would love to come but the thought of having my balls cut off by the Rottweiler, I mean the wife!!! if I booked some of the little leave I get to clutter off and leave her to deal with the rest scares me to much. She may be a foot shorter than me and about half the weight but she scares the hell out of me :oops: .
I have my wife's permission to keep breathing!! Big Grin
but she scares the hell out of me

Yep, know what you mean Banghead

Come anyway and deal with the fallout when you get back...........you can only die once :lolno:
you can only die once :lolno:

She a nurse mate the witch would resuscitate me and kill me again Big Grin
I have my wife's permission to keep breathing!! Big Grin
I`m led to believe they all ride a broomstick..........
good morning.. :wave:

thanks, I'm fine..
I hope your last french trip was successful..
Sorry, but I could not take part, because of not enough time.. Sad

YEESSS, the OTT crew is interested..:clap:
That is exactly what I want to hear..

@Deano: I think, your rott-wife is also very welcome.. Wink

By the way, how do you call this type of vehicle in english language..??
this is our 24h-race-rocket for this weekend.. Tongue

greetings staubig.
Hi Jörn, the link to Flickr doesn`t work.


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