BOBS DR ????????????
Is this the bike you sold a few weeks back BOB ?????????
Alas it is Sad
There`s a couple of mistakes in his description. The bodywork was new about 5 years ago, and it has non OE handlebars.
He originally only wanted it for the engine which was going in a Supermono racer, so I sold him my spare engine and persuaded him to sell it on intact.
Much loved bike that I had many an adventure on..............sigh.........
That bloody woman has made me sell two others as well, so I`m just down to a measly 3 Bigs Sad
It`s not as if I mind how many broomsticks she has............. Wink
I dont think you ever fell off that one did you Bob ? Thumbup
Nope never did, though I came close enough times.
Several of my others have had gentle offs in mud as you well know. Nothing serious or any damage caused thankfully.

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