Rare dr 800 for sale
hi karlos have you an idea on price and were in the world are you
For some strange reason the Big is a very overlooked bike and doesn`t make anything like it`s worth.
A contemporary Africa Twin seems to make twice as much, yet is not as good as the Big on every count except cruising speed.
I`ve seen far too many Bigs go for 125 money, which is why I have 6 Wink
Realistically your bike is worth 3k any day, but whether you`ll even get 2k is a moot point.
Only been ridden 12k in 22 years? Shame on you, you really need to get out more.
btw that middle exhaust Y piece is now a measly £411.15 from those thieving swine at Suzuki
I got a measly £1800 for my very nice 91 SR43 erlier in the year. As Bob says they never really get the money they are worth & ultimately anything is only worth what the market is willing to pay.

Ill give you £500 for it..... Thumbup
£550 cash here Thumbup
650 if bobs is sold Thumbup
Hi m8 on a serious note can you give me some indication on price and some pics would be good also looks like I've missed big one bike
It seems Karlos doesn't want to sell, pm sent on the night of his advert still sitting unopened :tdown:
Karlos hasn`t been back to the site since his first post on the 11th
Another one post wonder I guess.
I`ve just deleted several posts including a post from puppycharmer relating to a dispute he has with Spendango regarding the sale of a bike.
I`m not taking sides as I don`t know the facts.
This site prides itself on being user friendly and we don`t mind a bit of gentle piss taking between mates, but serious disputes need to be sorted by pm otherwise they often spiral into a vicious and unpleasant row, and we are not having any of that on here.
So I`ve stopped it before it starts.

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