Long and winding road
3000 klicks in 12 days, the highest tarmac in europe, hot springs, mountain lakes finished off with a couple of days lounging around in the med....... see you on the other side guys :wave:
Have a good trip & get some pics up Thumbup
Yes plenty of pics please :wave:
2800 miles and one coil blown ( good job I took spares ) and everyone Europe side has much love for the Big still. Pics in a bit, breakfast ans sleep calling :wave: :yawn:
Just a couple of photos for now, one is from one of the the passes around     Barcelonnette, apparently the highest tarmac in Europe according to Top Gear. The other is from the lake at Annercy.
Day 1 Calais to Emrun approx 900 miles mainly motorway 16 hours (painful :tdown: )
Day 2 lounging by lake and visiting hot springs Thumbup
Day 3 Emrun to St Tropez via mountain passes at Barcelonette then via Mons/ Aprox 250 miles in 8 hours Confusedilent:
Day 5 St Tropez back to Emrun, hard spank/scratch through the french interior. Aprox 250 miles in 5 hours. Blew one coil and had the new header pipe glowing like a poker in a furnace :twisted:
Day 6 Emrun to Lac st Croix and back. aprox 200 miles of provincial B roads Smile
Day 8 Emrun to Annercy, 150 miles in 5 hours via Grenoble Smile Smile
Day 9 Annercy to Italy via Col de St Bernard, Mont Blanc tunnel back to Annercy. Aprox 200 miles in 8 hours Smile
Day 10 Annercy to Calais mainly A and B roads (no tolls) through the interior approx 700 miles 16 hours Confusedilent:

Basically 10 days of riding up and down some of the tightest twistiest tarmac I have ever ridden. French mountain roads are on the whole pretty damned good, scenery amazing, bars fantastic, beers lush all served in 30/35 degrees. To be honest I cant believe the Big took it all in its stride. The hardest ride up from St Tropez back to Emrun was cruel, by dusk the header was glowing ruby red for about 8 inches from cylinder head.
Mountain roads in Italy are Shite. In fact they take shite to a the next level.
Never seen so many BMW's in my life.....mainly on tralers Big Grin
Was amazing riding roads where there were more bikes than cars
Cant believe the love and respect shown to the Big from all and sundry

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Blimey that was some epic thrash Banghead
500 miles is plenty in a day for me.
Did the old girl use much oil ?
nug Wrote:Blimey that was some epic thrash Banghead
500 miles is plenty in a day for me.
Did the old girl use much oil ?

Mate you have no idea :roll: either end were killers, day one was fuelled by burning desire to hit the sun and last day we rode all through night and was not as bad as it sounded. The bits in middle were all pretty ideal.....point to point from bar to bar basically Big Grin but didnt use that much oil suprisingly, about a litre, litre and half maybe and that I suspect was from the ragging it got up from St tropez. Been running her on mineral oil and seems to prefer it/ Definately got a few more rattles now than when I started :twisted: Wouldnt do it again Confusedhh:

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