exhaust question
Unfortunately, the UK only got the 650SE in 96-97 and Suzuki hasn`t imported it since then, so it`s a relatively rare bike in the UK.
Shame really as they were a good all rounder.
As a consequence I don`t think we can advise you which exhaust system is best.
You are probably better off enquiring on the ADV site http://www.advrider.com/forums/
Good luck
I had a CRD racing system on mine which was LOUD Banghead So dont buy one of them. The GSXR 1000 can is a good mod & you can get a stainless link pipe from the states tomake it a bolt on, sounds nice too Thumbup
As Bob mentions....advrider.com is full of DR650 stuff so I think a good read on there will make up your mind.

Great bikes & wish i still had mine.

Post some pics Thumbup

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