DR 800 the world
Tis a pretty bike Thumbup

BIG BOB I didn't realise its 20 kg heavier. That is a lot isn't it. I just brought some really wonderful rear pannier racks from german ebay for cheap as chips. really pleased with them so that's the back plastics kinda protected to a degree.

Fuel - well the bike has a 250 mile range anyway before reserve - that's miles more than a lot of other bikes ive toured places in the world on before.

This bike is not as fast - is not as smooth and is not as powerful as any of the other bikes I have owned. But you know what I don't care I love this one the most.

Ive put a lot of hard work into it and now its paying off. She working beautifully now thanks to this forum. My carbs are leaking out the overflow so there obviously some sport of seal gone in them,. Im going to overhaul these and then she should work as good as new. As for the cogs inside the engine. You mentioned that someone ovetightened the thing. I checked and they seem right now. I wonder if its caused by someone running her with no oil in the past. I am just leaving it though I think they last for many more adventures yet. And if not I brought all the cogs and chains for all that side of the engine in perfect nick for 30 quid.

Its nearly ready for my end of month sweeden trip Thumbup :clap: Big Grin :D Wink
Good man Thumbup
It is indeed a result you got spare plastics nug :wave: and my bike never goes off road its the harsh urban jungle that has caused all the damage that has occurred in my ownership. Been knocked over twice in different car parks and my dogs managed to knock a caravan chassis over which was saved from damage by my petrol tank Banghead ........ and you should see what thye feckers did to my seat :tdown: ( still looking for a 43 seat if anyone comes across one) so all in all I know pretty much all there is to know about the fragility of their plastics and left field damage nowt to do with riding . I planned doing this one up to sell (too many toys ) but has been one step forward, two back all year with this one, dont think she wants to leave Big Grin

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