Single carburator?
Hello everyone! Now its time for another of my hopeless projects, and i wonder if anyone else has put a single carb on the 800,
something like a mikuni TM45-48? It would be a whole lot cheaper than a double conversion..
It won,t go as good with one carby , better using two TM 36 from HRT.
With one carb you get a choice with big thumpers. Either make it run well at low rpm OR run well at higher rpm. You won't get both.

Price is always a consideration when designing a new engine. If one carb would have handled the engines output, I'm certain Suzuki would have done it.
Well i guess thats it then, thanks to all of you for the answers! (alltough i really want a single carb anyway)
The basic problem with one carb is that once you get a carb throat large enough to flow well at higher rpm, the throat is so large that air speed at small throttle openings is very slow and you run into fuel atomization problems making slow speed jetting very difficult.

With two carbs, you get good high rpm flow while maintaining air speed at small throttle openings.

Suzuki chose to use two complete carbs.

With the XT600, Yamaha used two carbs but only one was a complete carb. The second carb was really just a needle and main jet. The second carb only opened at higher rpms. I had an SRX600 that used this system for a while (beautiful bike if you're 5ft5) it worked pretty well.
The 650cc DR650 from 1990-95 had a 40mm single carb, but that is really the limit in size as Ladder explained.
The later (96-on) 650 had twin carbs identical to the Big.
There is no way that a 45mm carb, which is what you would need on a 779cc would be practical.
Have a ganda at this , and it all works very well too.
But it would work better again with 2 smaller carbs using a frewind twin carb head but it don,t fit in the frame I am told with the 2 carb,s on , bugger,
Against better judgement i just bought a TM42, just to see what happens! I had a look at my XR650R and it has a TM42 too! (And it works REALLY good) Airspeed at low rpm cant possibly be slower on the 800 than the 650. If it turns out that i was wron and all of you were right, im gonna eat my helmet! (And sell the carbWink
Oh, and by the way, sorry for my poor english, its not my first language. And by the way again, robmoto, nice site! I never knew there was so much extras to the 650.
i reckon a single carb would be ok for low and mid range power and for economy, but where would you find a suitable manifold?--- there is at least one home made one in the mz 660 forum.--- i'd be very interested in how you sort it out and how it goes. please post details and results.

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