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I'm back home. We did some sightseeing to Ardennes and "hohes Venn" on our way back home.

Lars AKA Firestarter :twisted:
Well, another OTT has come to an end :tdown:

Sorry for the lack of posts for you forum guys. We spent all the evenings drinking beer & talking bollocks so the updates never happened.
We all had a great time & the weather steadily improved to the point of being rather hot Thumbup
Thanks to Lars & Sepp, we had the pleasure of a new member on our trip by the name of Jorn. Jorn must be the tallest man in Germany...... he has an incredibly lofty SR43 which would need a step ladder for us mere 6 foot tall mortals to mount.
As usual, Bob put together a plethora of interesting sites to visit. We only scratched the surface of his list leaving many for another visit.

All in all a great trip with 7 proper old trailies & a few grumpy old men Thumbup

From left to right: Lars, Dave, Gary, Jorn, Sepp, Bob, Me.

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A link to my pics
More pics of Bigs at Verdun
Quite a number of the photos are of the big mine craters etc at Vauquois, about 30 miles from Verdun.
This was the highest point for miles around so possession of this hill was very important for observation etc and the German and French trenches were only a few yards apart.
Due to the stalemate they resorted to blowing up huge mines under each others positions and thousands of soldiers were blown to bits, and some of the craters are still huge and extremely deep.
For a tour of the underground tunnels go here

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