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This forum is expanding and needs to have it's own hosting account to cope with the bandwidth requirements we now have. We also have a few other ideas for the forum but, as with all thing these days, will cost money.

We don't really want to go down the route of having Google Ads to try and generate some income from the site, so I have added a Paypal "Donate" button to the footer of the forum. If you would like to help with the running costs of this forum you can use this button to make a donation. There is absolutely no obligation to donate funds, neither is there a minimum or maximum amount. It is entirely up to you, the individual forum members, to decide whether and by how much you would like to contribute. Donations will only be used for the benefit of this forum and its members.

We don't have much extra to offer donators (yet, but this may change), but I will develop a different rank icon with a title of "Site Supporter" or something similar for those who do donate, so make sure you let me know your username if you do donate.

Thanks Thumbup
ON it"s way Thumbup change my name to CAPTAIN SPENDANGO THE GREAT PLEASE 8-)
Gidday Smile

'n Donated!


but would it not be a bit difficult to generate DR Big income with the huge "Capo" sign under your name?

.......just sayin' (as they say in the States at times when you have to duck after making a comment to avoid being struck)
ladder106 Wrote:but would it not be a bit difficult to generate DR Big income with the huge "Capo" sign under your name?

How very dare you, Sir!!

(I may relent and make it a bit smaller)

i haven't been a member for years and don't have the most posts, but a good cause is still a good cause!! Donated Thumbup
paypal is not being very user-friendly today. I can select "Canada" as my country but it is demanding I add my province before it'll process. The trouble is, the only options in the Paypal drop-down box are Counties in Britain, Scotland and Wales :wtf:
hi all,

also donated ... Wink ...

greetz, jc
Spend it wisely Big Grin
It seems a little obvious but cant you put a small fee on joining??????
I am also on a boaty forum that lets you nose around for free but if you want to post or use classifieds etc you need to be a member which has a small fee attached.

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