supermoto conversion swap for original set up wales
Hi I have just bought a good sr42 1990 dr800 that has been converted well to a supermoto with parts from cbr and fzr with twin front disk conversion, 3 spoke alloys, twin calliper fork twin disk rebuild conversion etc. But I am going to convert her back to the original off road set up as I do a lot of green laneing as I live in remote welsh countryside. So if someone wants to convert theirs to a decent supermoto and are serious then drop me a line as we may be able to swap set ups over and save each other a few quid. thanks Paul. :clap:
any pic??? :D
this is the os view of her, she was part converted by a forum member on here and completed by someone else. it all works good but i want to go dirt digging as i live in remote wales, she has cbr 3 spokes that are enamelled, decent tyres, twin front disks with fzr goodridge braided lines, all working great, cheers Wink

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Looks sweet even as a super moto Thumbup
I have all the parts available to put back to original but sadly dont want to swap. If your interested just pm me


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