I have started getting my 750 ready for powder coating ,I have ordered £200 worth of shiney new bits today so i thought i"d better start my own thread .The bike had been partly stripped so it didn"t take to long to finish the job.I still have a few bits to sort out ,rear shock swinging arm and linkage etc.I am going to send all the nuts , bolts clips ,axels etc to be replated .Colors i2m thinking .White frame ,red rims and shock ,white tanks ,red plastics and silver swinger.But that may heres whats left of the bike.
[Image: DSCF0090-2.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0089-2.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0088.jpg]
You have caught up with me in no time ! Well nearly Banghead
Hope to have most of it powder coated in a week or two then start the rebuild :wtf:
I have stuck lots of old bolts into the frame to save alot of hassle when it"s coated ,got the swinging arm ready and pressed the bearings out of the suspension linkage which was a bit stiff to move Confusedhift: And heres a pic to show you why it was stiff .I"m sure the suspension wasn"t working the best when the bike was on the road
[Image: DSCF0062-7.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0064-7.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0067-7.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0069-7.jpg]
I have sent all the original bolts ,clips etc away to get zinc coated should have those back this week . :wtf: Should make a start on the powder coating next week, I think i"ll start with the frame and mounting brackets white ,a pile of black bits and the swinger silver.Should just leave the red bits ,gonna have to get the wheels to the wheel builder before i DE SPOKE them so he can measure the spokes and off set etc .And it"s fookin freezing in the shed at the minute. :roll:
Most of my bits are away to get powder coated ,some will be back today ,I got all the nuts bolts etc re plated ,40 quid for a box of stuff ,i chucked in a pile of old shit to have as spares ,
[Image: DSCF0033-12.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0032-10.jpg]
Frame away to day ,just leaves wheels and suspension bits
[Image: DSCF0036-12.jpg]
Only forty quid for all those bits coated thats a bargain, they will look a lot better than the original dull grey/black ones Thumbup Spen.
Yes Rob , minimum charge is £40 so i take a plastic biscuit tin full , I think there was 10 kg or so .I got some stuff back from powder coating i had a large gate to get done so i threw the bike bits up aswell .£70 for everything Thumbup .Also left my frame and swinger and mounting brackets and bobs up Thumbup
[Image: DSCF0040-10.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0041-10.jpg]
mmmmm shiny :clap:
OMFG, your motoring. Nice work Spen :clap:

I'm the tortoise and your the hare (so it seems :eh: )
That all looks very familiar. Wink Good work Spen, your flying along. Reckon you'll be on the road before me at this rate! Must pull my finger out! Wink

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