That one sounds good ,I!ll not be offended if you go for that one BOB incase he sells it on Thumbup
I`ve got another bike with a very patched up loom that needs replacing, so I`m looking for more than one
They are not even available new any more
Bob loom arrived today , It"s better than the one on my DR (looks new infact) so i"m gonna keep it and replace the one on my bike as it has been cut into :oops: sorry
f..k don"t make me feel bad Sick If you are really stuck i wouldn"t see with a bike off the road
FWIW when I originally built my 750 in the 80's, I stripped the wiring loom down to basics to make it simple to find any problems.
I also separated the ignition and lighting circuits.
I found that there was an enormous amount of useless wiring in there. In fact, one earth wire ran almost the length of the bike and back without connecting to anything else! :wtf:
I also ran a capacitor in place of a battery which saved quite a bit of weight.

Some more usless information for you all. Big Grin

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