Lock stock and one smoking barrel !
As the saying goes, I've started so I'll finish (gulp). I'm making a conscious effort to pace myself, so the whole process doesn't get tiresome and I stop enjoying the renovation. No nasty surprises yet, but it is early days. Here are a few photos of the work so far..............

[Image: P1000469.jpg]

Tanks had a patch welded on in the past.....

[Image: P1000470.jpg]

[Image: P1000473.jpg]

[Image: P1000474.jpg]

[Image: P1000475.jpg]

[Image: P1000477.jpg]

The air filter is filthy.............

[Image: P1000476.jpg]

The pile of parts is getting bigger..........

[Image: P1000478.jpg]

My aim is to do a few hours work on the bike during the week and a couple at the weekend. As soon as it is stripped ,I'll have the frame in for powder coating in white. I'm going for white frame, red bodywork and a black engine. I have ordered some original (looking) decals from France and I will have my 'Lars' s/s header pipe and sump guard in a couple of weeks (going on holiday Wednesday for 7 days,so not here to sign for it until I'm back). Any comments, negative or positive will be greatly received.I may need some help when I have to put it all back together.....................watch this space :clap:
keep it coming longman... :clap: we love watching rebuilds Thumbup
It looks pretty clean to start with Thumbup don"t know about the white frame though ,it will be dirty looking again in no time ,why not a grey or black frame .
I keep changing my mind, red maybe. Decision will need to be made soon ,when it goes off to the have it's nose powdered ! Big Grin
I think blue with a black frame looks the best 8-)
Plenty more to follow Stefan. Only hick-up is I'm on holiday in Sicily for one week starting the 24th, so not much until after that. Then I will be full on (no, I said I would pace myself) until it's stripped !
Quick lads ! He is away for a week. Who needs any bits ?
Yeah, luckily, you can't find out were I am, you tea leafs Big Grin
Look what I just got delivered to my door.............cheers Lars ( Evildent_resi ), very nice work. If you need a header pipe or a bash plate or many other trick parts, give him a shout !. I

[Image: P1000479.jpg]

I'm going to offer up the header pipe and see if it works with the ProDuro (re. position of tail pipe) then pull some more of the bike apart. Back to work Tuesday :tdown: . I'm getting the ' OMG, will I remember how to put it together' feeling Banghead but I've managed before, I should have faith in my self :D .
Get the digital camera out take plenty of pics then if your stuck just look back :wtf:

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