New DR Questions
I purchased this Dr yesterday, someone has taken alot of time to paint it plus added lots of nice polished stainless bits, looks very well looked after and im after a bit of history on it.

Vin No: SR********
Engine No: R*******

Also when i picked it up it sounded great but after doing about 80 miles bringing it home at 70mph it now has a tapping noise, so after checking the forum for help i decided to do the valves today and they were too tight so i adjusted them, put it back together and its still tapping.

Also over 5000 revs it starts to splutter a bit then pick up, it does have 2 foam air filters possibly Ram Air could they be the problem.

Also i adjusted the de-comp cable to the specified gap and before when i pulled the lever it locked into place but now it doesnt???

Also when on over-run it pops and bangs and when i switch it off i backfires which is quite funny

Any help would be much appreciated.
Hi Mate,
the de-comp lever is meant to lock and is then released after one revolution of the cam. Popping and banging will be the jetting. Good chance it has not been changed to allow for the foam filters breathing more air (so to speak). Lots more knowledgeable folks on here, I'm the new boy :D . I saw your DR on ebay................very striking paint Thumbup
Get rid of the filters and put the original airbox back on. Also, make sure you put the jetting back to standard. It will never run right until you do.
The popping on the overrun will be where it is sucking in air at the silencer/downpipe join. Having rich jetting won`t help either. Use some exhaust assembly paste and refit the silencer
As for the VIN number, it doesn`t exist. There never was a DR750 that started with the number 4, so I reckon it must have been a ringer that was reregistered on a Q.
btw I`m an expert on frame numbers and was the only person authorised by Suzuki to write dating letters for many years, and have all the original frame numbers of file from Suzuki GB
Does it have the original white sticker on the headstock with an E number?
Thanks Longman and thanks BigBob.

I was just looking on Ebay for a standard air filter Thumbup what is it that im looking for, could you point me in the right direction please

Do you think the jetting was changed?

I will sort the exhaust tomorrow and have a look for the white sticker.
Do you know why the decomp lever doesnt click on now, have i adjusted it wrong?

Any idea on the tapping, it seems to get louder when the bike gets hotter.
There`s no chance of getting an age related plate as the frame number never existed in any records
Every day we get questions bout tapping or knocking noises from the engine. They all do it.
Thanks for you're help Thumbup
So today i took it to bits again and decided to drop the oil etc and take off the magneto cover to check the cam chain, which i adjusted and noticed in the oil bits of instant gasket ( why do people do this ) so i ordered a new gasket and sump washer from Robinsons Foundry. The Lady i spoke to was super helpful and although it wasnt in stock said she would have it the next day Thumbup to Robinsons Foundry. Just need to get a standard air box assembly and bin them awful sponge filters.
By the way i dont care what the history is now as im loving the tinkering, takes me back to my youth and my other bike is a zx10r which i wouldnt even attempt to tinker with, looks like im hooked.

Re-adjusted the valve clearances to the high side of the 750 chart rather than the 800 like before and now the valve decomp clicks on as it should Thumbup

Took the carb apart to check the jet size and it was a 150 Confusedhock: probably put in when the air filter and stock exhaust was changed but after having to grind off 2 screwheads on the topcap found the clip on the needle as standard Banghead i cant wait for tomorrow Big Grin
Good going. You will have the 'immense fun' of seeing all the photos of my bike being pulled apart. Watch this space :roll:
Thumbup wee love pics
Oh what a horrible feeling when you break two screw heads on the carb........but what an amazing feeling when you drill them, re-thread them with a tap and screw them down with new bolts :D

Cant wait for a standard airbox so ive took the needle up a notch and wound the mixture screws out half a turn, i think the backfiring was because it was running too lean (had to drill the pressed brass cap out first), put a new vacuum pipe on and re-routed it as it was fouling the throttle linkage, put the ram-air filters back on, tanks etc just waiting for the new gasket and oil sump washer now Thumbup , dont stop me now Big Grin

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