Looking for a front wheel brakedisk for 1993 DR800
Hello people,

I'm looking for a front brakedisk for a 1993 Dr 800.

Is there any for sale?
You will be lucky to find a good used one...I have just swapped my good spare one onto my 91 800 because the other one was warped.

Good Luck Thumbup
Got some of them Wink
OE item £293 new and is prone to warping
EBC discs are not up to the job any more
PFM used to make excellent ones at an affordable price but not any more
Apart from Chinese shite, I don`t think anyone else makes them for the DR
btw they are the same disc as on the DR 650 1990-95
What about Goldfren or Tourmax? They seem to be making discs for all DR BIG models:

Hi all, Just received a couple of SR43 Brembo stainless steel discs, for sale on ebay from Bike Torque Racing...item number 190732420628...
Non floating discs, but at £98 inc shipping, looks good.
Fitted one today on my SR41 with SR43 front wheel with new EBC pads...the Winter will be a good test.
Hmmm very interesting :think: Let us know how you get on with the disc Dave.

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