Llandovery 14th Sept
Capo camping doo is on again (ya coming Knobbly!?) and i was planning on going on the DR but shes sans wheel so Capo it is.
Dr heads more than welcome. Give a shout if ye are and il get you added to the dinner list for the Bluebell Pub Thumbup
I may pop down on the Saturday if SWMBO will give me a passout.

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Great stuff Knobbly, sure bring a tent and come boozing with us later that night, tis good craic.
Last time i was there Dave showed up on his very sweet dr750 which was the subject of many admiring glances so fel free for anyone to come along.
Hi Guys,
room for a small one!!
Can come along for a pint as live local!
Great suff Paddy, will i get ya added to the camping list and the list for the grub on sat night in the Bluebell?
Dave and the better half is coming along too Thumbup .
Fancy it myself but a bit tricky as promised my lad we would go to Santa Pod this weekend & funds are tight... whats the latest notice so I dont have to dine on cold beans on my own ? Would love to chuck the Big amongst the pasta burners... Thumbup
I suppose the bluebell pub just wants a basic idear of what kinda seating and food requirements are needed. I can have the lad who sorts this update the list a couple days in advance i suppose, shouldnt be a prob Nug. Bout 30 heads going and not all on capasta's lol.
If your considering camping shout aswell and il add ye to that list too Thumbup

Basic buzz is show up fri and stake tent drink, talk shit, eat, drink, talk shit, sleep. Sat morn is a ride out (bout 30 heads) with that whole 'tail end charlie second placed rider points the way buzz'. I was sceptical of this malarkey first time out as it sounded far to sensible and organised ,but its actually pretty groovy and you still get to go as fast or as slow as ye want and no one gets left behind. Then its back to the camp and really drink and talk shite about the heroics on the spin and onto bluebell for food and bad guinness.
Ok mate, at the moment Santa Pod is getting mentioned lots since I got home from work so I have a feeling "Dad" will have to honor his promise & go Drag Racing which is still good although I cant afford to camp for the weekend so was trying to get out of it.
Who knows, all may change, I may even win the lottery before the weekend. :think:
Bummer but like ye say Santa Pod is a nice second place finisher :D
Be nice to meet you n your Big and id be fairly sure you would have a blast as theyre a good lot (so long as it doesnt turn into that camping expedition in the snow you and le Bob described before!!) so if you change your mind or whatever just shout man.

Paddy, will i put you down for din dins and camping mate?

At the mo it looks like we might be taking in Elan Valley amongst other twisty roads. Hopefefully the weather holds! Tongue
Will check with my other half as she want to get out on hers also,
Def 2 extra for dinner, will garnish her on the benefits of camping 6 miles from home!!!!!!
Cheers for now,

plenty of spanners / a bike trailer/ garage space & DR big spares available should anyone need,

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