Thank you all for your help. Here's what's been done so far: sidesatand switch was already bypassed by previous owner, checked values of coils, value of stator, value of pick up coil, all within specs, carbs have been cleaned, fuel filter is new all fuel line have been replaced with 5/16 line, tried another fuel pump. Right now the tanks are off and I'm running with little gas tank so I can pull and wiggle connectors as I'm driving. Anyone want a great bike cheap...lol :D
Got something like that at my own bike and others, on the coils [ bobines] there is a connector, if its sliding up easy it can make a bad conection, make sure they are thight when sliding on the conector pin..
Update on the situation,,,, I went for a ride with my little fuel tank with a timing light taped to it to make sure it had nothing to do with the electronics (my bike looks like Frankenstein's lab) but anyways....everything electronic checks out, I took the carbs apart, AGAIN, cleaned and inspected everything but really didn't see anything wrong......I will try it again......if it doesn't work I'm putting a GSXR engine in it!!!
THANKS BIG BOB !!!!!!!!!! You were right on the money.............took the carbs apart, AGAIN, cleaned the out, AGAIN, put everything back...........SHE WORKS GREAT!!!! Thanks again!!!

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