Valve clearances - Checking TDC
That makes sense actually. The chain was very loose. Now it has some deflection as you suggested.

The 5mm bolt is nearly all the way in. Looks like new balancer chain time then! Might save that for later...

Engine still open so will double check everything tonight. Cheers!
A new balancer chain from Suzuki is over £100! so  don`t be in too much of a rush.
It also entails removing the rotor with a special tool and the lining up all the cogs correctly which is a pain in the bum.
Woah! That's a lot.

I've seen your previous explanations of rotor removal. Looks tricky and expensive!

The chain is much better than it was so will check again at some point. Brought 2 cover gaskets so I can do this check again in the future.

It's amazing how well the BIG was running with loose balance chains, one fouled plug and totally out of tolerance exhaust valves! Simple is good sometimes...

Have a horrible feeling the valve seals are leaking. So will have to take the engine out at some point I guess...maybe save everything for then.
OK all back together. Why are the fuel pipes such a mix! Luckily I got a new filter so realized theres a mix of 6mm and 8mm from the pump to fuel tap. The old line was all 6mm that I some how managed to force on the connectors.

Anyone use a torque wrench for the Magneto Cover bolts? Not sure how tight. Can't find it in the manual either.

Will give it a start at the weekend...
The fuel lines were designed by an insane psychopath who sould never have been allowed near a bike. 
There are several lines that are 6mm one end and 8mm the other so you have no choice but to buy very expensive lines from Suzuki.
At least OE lines are good quality . 
Using non OE means it probably came from China and will fail eventually, which is not a good idea when the fuel lines are very close to a hot exhaust pipe.
The magneto bolts are 6ftlb of torque so don`t use a torque wrench. Just nip them up gently by hand.
Don`t forget that several bolts have an oil seal around them so RTFM.
Agree about the lines! I only replaced the pump to fuel tap line for now. Brought a full Suzuki set a few years ago for the rest. Mad money!

I fitted 2 gaskets that came in my gasket set. That is not an easy spot in the manual! Found them on the microfiche in the end.

Thanks for the torque settings Bob!
(27-01-2022, 11:21 AM)BigBob Wrote: The magneto bolts are 6ftlb of torque so don`t use a torque wrench. Just nip them up gently by hand.

Hear hear!
Bob, so many people are misled into thinking that because a fixing is small and lightly torqued that a torque wrench is the most advised method of use, when in fact it`s completely the opposite.
I`ve read so many times of bolts being stripped - "but i used a torque wrench"!
What they don`t get is that the torque figure was on a dry thread, when both the threads were new, with an unused fixing, not 40 years later with oily/greasy bolts on a part that has been undone and done back up again umpteen times and who`s threads are more worn than a tramps undercrackers.
It`s surprising at how little a small bolt such as an M6 needs to be done up, especially on stuff with multiple fixings like engine covers.
Do `em up by feel.
Did them by hand! I snapped a cover bolt off my KLR 650 with a torque wrench...just wanted to get an idea.

Runs much better now! Starts more easily and the idle is more stable.

Set the exhaust valves to 0.20mm. Now you can hear them ticking. Is this ok?
Most of us would say that 0.20 is too big a clearance.
Early bikes were recommended 0.05 - 0.10 and later ones to 0.08 - 0.13
I`ve been using the early recommendation for the past 34 years without any issues.
With the larger clearance you are using you will get marginally less lift but I can`t see that it would cause any problems
I expect there is a divergence of opinion on this  Big Grin

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