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Fitting top chain roller - bigrob - 08-06-2020

I've not fitted the upper chain roller, because I heard it was not a good idea. Am I wrong ? Not to fit it ?

RE: Fitting top chain roller - H_Lime - 09-06-2020

Having just reinstated mine a couple nights ago I did stop to think as I have read this myself. The idea being the chain can slap the upper roller hard enough to break its mount and occasionally some of the frame also. It seems to relate to the late model 650's, never heard mention of it on our vintage machines. I'm open to correction on that. 
Perhaps some of the owners here can weigh in, I have Hesslers ramp/slide on the blue dr and reused the one on the red Dr as it was serviceable.<

RE: Fitting top chain roller - bigrob - 25-07-2020

Thanks H, maybe I'll stick it back on. After all, I'm not taking the old girl on any endures soon.