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Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 29-01-2020

I think they were about £55.00 front and £50.00 rear, including seals and boots etc. So not cheap, but in my case, essential.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - nug - 30-01-2020

Caliper is looking mint Thumbup

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 02-02-2020

What's up next Rob? How goes the put together? We needz pics Thumbup

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 03-02-2020

Hi H_L
Had a buddy from my school days staying this weekend, so not much done. I did manage to get the loom connected up. Fitted the the battery , tail light on, high beam indicator on dash working, no headlight. Early days.
I want to be riding by May so I have to move the pace up somewhat. Banghead
Rear caliper tonight and probably connect up the front brake.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 08-02-2020

Hi all
has anyone got the plastic speedo cable clamp/guide that I could buy ? It sits half way down the lower fork leg and stops the cable flapping about. Mine should be white but I don't have one, but any colour will do.

I've looks like it's been discontinued with Suzuki and I can't ant find one on line.

Suzuki part number is 3493844B010JW (if I'm not mistaken)

Got this fithy specimen to clean up now.......

[Image: 20200205_203458.jpg]

One good thing, wiring all connected and everything works as it should, remarkably. Just got to spend some time cableing it onto the frame properly.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 07-03-2020

How'r we getting along Rob? Ya drawing closer to that all important first post refurb ride :clap:

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 08-03-2020

Haha, not yet. Not touched the bike for two weeks. I have got the rear caliper refurbished and fitted. I have still to degrease/clean the engine for painting then I can fit that.
In reality there's not that much to do.
Must try harder :D

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 12-04-2020

I hope your all OK and happy Easter.

I finally got my engine cleaned and painted. Hopfully fit it into the frame tomorrow. It's not the best paint job I've done , but passable for now. New exhaust studs, rubber carb manifold, sprocket & 2 x iridium spark plugs.

[Image: 942c1a1340133196.jpg]

[Image: 605fb51340133239.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 13-04-2020

What paint did you use on the engine?

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 13-04-2020

Hi Bob
I used this stuff from ebay. Used it on many engines. Bakes hard with heat. If your prep is good (smooth) it looks as good as factory. I was lazy so it's not the best finish, also, if you do many lighter coats, it comes out more satin. Good stuff though,

[Image: 7aab5c1340217553.jpg]