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Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 18-01-2020


Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 18-01-2020

Got the clocks and fairing/light & clock brackety thing fitted. About 6 deg C in my garage, so not out there for long.

[Image: 20200118_163308.jpg]

The used bracket that I bought from Portugal, looked to be exactly the same, only not with seized bolts and much rust. When I unwrapped, it had a different fuse holder bracket. I cut and mig welded my old bracket onto the new part. That went fine but when I was fitting it to the head stock, it took me some time to realise that it's a fatter, by 10mm, on the part where the bolts go through to attatch to the bike. All good, managed to fit washers on the two bolts to centralize and take up the gap. Everything else is the same. It's in great nick......£30.00 inc. postage. Picture may make more sence than my written scribblings.

[Image: 20200118_160557_edit_1579366817956.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 18-01-2020

Great to stand back and appreciate all the shiny bits bolting onto other shiny bits :clap:

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 19-01-2020

Very true H_L.
I'm loving doing this at the moment.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 23-01-2020

Front caliper and master cylinder grunge !

[Image: 20200123_190138.jpg]

[Image: 20200123_192116.jpg]

[Image: 20200123_192257.jpg]

Got these for my birthday (after sourcing and sending the link to my daughter), it makes spinning out pistons very easy.

[Image: 20200123_192135.jpg]

...........onwards and upwards, I can almost feel the anticipation for my next post Big Grin :clap:

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 24-01-2020

I find that I need to strip and clean my calipers on an annual basis as they are very prone to seizing up, especially after riding through a salty winter.
For this reason I have several spare calipers all ready to go, and it`s just a matter of swapping them over and sorting out the cruddy one at my leisure, but then I do have a fleet of Bigs to maintain.
Be sure to use genuine pistons and seals as so many aftermarket ones are Chinese shite.
I remember the only time I used non OE seals I ended up with no brakes, which isn`t much fun when you`re in the middle of France.
Be sure to remove the big rubber boot and clean behind it as the crud builds up there and causes the pin to seize in.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 24-01-2020

Sound advice Bob, but I have bought pattern pistons, time will tell if they hold up. I want to keep this DR. (unusual for me), so getting hold of a few calipers would be a good idea . It's all good fun though.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 25-01-2020

The same f/caliper is used on the 1988-89 DR750 and the 1990 DR800 which may help you pick up one cheap.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 27-01-2020

Cheers Bob.

It is only a caliper.........

Well, sorted the front caliper, stainless pistons, new seal kit, s/s bleed nipple and mounting bolts, new pads and pin. Wowzers, I love rebuilding calipers. Not as exciting as a certain Mr H_Limes posts, but a giant leap for mankind (me) Banghead

[Image: 20200127_203434.jpg]

[Image: 20200127_210223.jpg]

[Image: 20200127_210232.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 29-01-2020

Hey sexy work! :wave:
Were the pistons big money?