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Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 15-12-2019

Hi Nug
Forks in the wrong way round..........I new that :? I was just testing. I'll get that sorted pronto. I guess I'll have to test it when it's up and running. I'm going for better fork springs when I can sneak yet more money out of the wife and my joint account.
I got a new foam filter oiled and and bolted in the air box last night. Just waiting for the battery frame paint to dry then I'll fit that. Battery acid had made it a mess, but it has cleaned up well. I have one of the Mobat (no leaky) battery to fit.

Just to confirm, the wheel with the sprocket goes on the front ? Big Grin

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 16-12-2019


[Image: 20191214_143056.jpg]


[Image: 20191215_173412.jpg]


[Image: 20191215_184945.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 28-12-2019

Hi massive DR'ers ,
anyone know if I have an oil strainer and where I gain access to it for cleaning ?

Just searched the fourum and Bob already mentioned that it's under a plate on the bottom of the engine......I'll take a look. (I have a memory like a sieve)

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 06-01-2020

Hey Rob. She's looking sublime mateWink
Loving the whiteSmile

Anymore progress buddy? Keep the pics coming, I love seeing a rebuild thread and freshly refurbd bits going back on.
I hear you about the loom pics and such. I got a decent smarter than me phone lately and it has memory space to make long vids where I prattle on to myself whilst pointing at bits. Safe in knowledge so that the one thing I'll need info on will be comprehensively missed haha.
The manuals great for wire and hose routing and zip tie placement. One step at a time and she'll be grand.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 06-01-2020

Thanks H
I have a few more pics, I'll try and post tonight. Got to finish attatching the loom, strip and fit new parts to both calipers, atatch new hoses. Then wash and paint engine, fit that then exhaust. Not so much.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no English manual for my bike, unless anyone knows differently ? I think my bike came from France.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 06-01-2020

We didn`t officially have the k/start RS model in this country, though it was sold all over Europe and N.America.
The UK got the RSE version, which was basically the RS with added e/starter, so the manual for the 91-95 RSE will cover virtually everything for the RS.
You can get a genuine manual still for the DR650R/S model, part no 99500-46017-01E @ £75
This one will do you fine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Suzuki-DR650-Manual/303373384131?hash=item46a27679c3:g:EOsAAOSwP45d1urY

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 06-01-2020

Well I never knew that :clap: , just bought the manual.
Thanks Bob, and for the link.........invaluable.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 06-01-2020

A little progress....

[Image: 20200106_195730.jpg]

[Image: 20200106_195746.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 08-01-2020

Yeah she's Lookin fresh man Thumbup
Only thing is your gona have to lift the engine in rather than lower the bare frame over the engine. The couple times I've done that I use insulation tape on the frame lowers so I don't scratch them up.
Are you reusing the chain and sprockets? On the fence myself.
The loom is least fun part of a rebuild imo. It's the details that make a tidy install. On my blue dr the wires foul the forward most air filter retaining bolt. Major pita when removing it.
Your plastics look well, nice not to have to budget for paint. Thumbup

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 08-01-2020

Yeah, very lucky with the paint/plastics, all in good shape. I've binned the chain and sprockets, fitting a new gold ring job and the new C & S.

Me and my neighbour lifted the engine out easily enough. Didn't have to worry about the frame then . Going to rap rags around it for install. It's a lot lighter than a BIG lump. Powder coating firms seem to plug all threaded holes but leaves the engine bolt holes open, so I've got to clean the powder out off them :? I should has asked them to plug'um.

Brake calipers next, new s/s pistons, rubber boots, seals, s/s bleed screws, pins & pads.

I'm still enjoying doing the work, maybe because I haven't gone at it to fast.

Soon be summer !