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Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 06-10-2019

Got a little carried away :lolno:

[Image: 20191006_110334.jpg]

[Image: 20191006_110323.jpg]

[Image: 20191006_110349.jpg]

[Image: 20191006_110342.jpg]

Header pipe nuts were seized , but spun the studs out when I tried to get them off. Thankfully. I'll finish off the dismantling today and drop the frame and swinging arm off at the powder coasters next week. Then it's JUST clean, paint and slowly put the beast back together.

I've bought a zinc galvanising kit, so I'm going to have a go at that. Although in reality, not much is galvanised on the RS.

I was going to change the bars for fat bars but when offered up an old pair of Renthal braces bars, they are the same width, but the part where all the controls go is at least 4 inches shorter.

Anyone know any fat bars that will take all the controls ?


Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 07-10-2019

Done ! Hope I remember what fits where when I start to put the bike back together Banghead

30 years old and no siezd componants........amazing.

[Image: 20191006_171547.jpg]

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - BigBob - 07-10-2019

Don`t forget to remove the oil strainer plate underneath to check for debris covering the screen.
Have fun with reassembly Thumbup

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 07-10-2019

Will do Bob.
The engine ran fine so I'm going to clean it up and spay it myself.

Frame and swinging arm on my work van for delivery to the powder coaters tomorrow.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - nug - 07-10-2019

I have a set of Renthal Trials bend fat bars on mine(nice and wide). You can just get the decompressor lever on. I used to have a set of 22mm Honda quad Renthals on which were nice and high and had loads of room for controls. Couldn't get on with them though as the back sweep was to much for me. I prefer Straighter bars.

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 07-10-2019

Exciting to see it all stripped down awaiting coating. Same colour as factory?

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 08-10-2019

I've seen photo's with my blue bodywork and white frame. So white frame for me, I like that look. Silver swinging arm.
Bodywork staying standard, it's in great shape. The decals are not lacquered over so I'll replace with an original looking set from Italy.

That's the plan H_L

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - nug - 10-10-2019

Getting well stuck in by the sounds of it?

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - bigrob - 13-10-2019

Yes Nug, can't help myself.
Picking up the swinging arm and frame tomorrow from powder coaters. YSS rear shock arrived and looks great. And a load of bearings etc.

Pics of frame 'n' swing arm tomorrow, for those that are interested. Thumbup

Re: Here is my old DR650RS - H_Lime - 13-10-2019

Pics of the shock and work done plzWink
Im t r y i n g not to do as you are doing (complete refurb) with my own winter project Big Grin