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Hi from Madrid - kasapaqui - 13-03-2019

Hi, I just bought a Dr800 92 with the damaged engine. I did not know this model and I could not imagine that the spring of the tensioner could destroy the engine in that way.

When I opened the engine and saw the damage, I could not believe it.

Luckily, the piston is not broken and with a new cylinder head I hope to start it soon.

I'm looking forward to hearing your engine!

[Image: 20190210.jpg]

Re: Hi from Madrid - GrahamW - 13-03-2019

Nice bike, shame about the engine. You need a whole new cylinder head are you going to order a new one?

Re: Hi from Madrid - BigBob - 14-03-2019

It is quite common for this to happen at about 100,000km unfortunately and it is very expensive.
Best place for used spares is German or French Ebay. Do you need another cylinder head or just the valves?
The DR750 cylinder head is the same, just a slightly different colour.
Best place for new spares is here https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-motocyklov/suzuki/dr800-2250/dr800-13938/dr800sn-e4-n-722819 much cheaper than buying from your local dealer

Re: Hi from Madrid - kasapaqui - 14-03-2019

Finally, I had to buy a second-hand cylinder head and bought the rest of the parts on eBay and local sales pages.

Today the last parts have arrived, the tensor spring and I would like to start assembling this weekend.

I hope I can start the bike soon!

Re: Hi from Madrid - BigBob - 14-03-2019


Re: Hi from Madrid - H_Lime - 15-03-2019

Use Stephan Heaslers tensioner spring
More pics of the work plzSmile