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Hey I have one of these - ladder106 - 05-03-2013

So there is not a single one of you in the UK with one of these wonderful bikes.

Not perfect as the ultimate "Enduro" bike but brilliant as an all-round "Expedition" bike. Whenever I'm going into a new area that I'm not sure can be handled on the DR750 or Transalp. I always take this.

It does everything well.

[Image: DRZcrop.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0015.jpg]

[Image: IMG_47.jpg]

Re: Hey I have one of these - BigBob - 05-03-2013

A very popular bike in the UK (especially with bike thieves) . Wish I still had one Sad

Re: Hey I have one of these - Longman - 05-03-2013

I have friends with the DRZ400. Nice bikes and plenty in the UK. Lots of Super Moto's.

Re: Hey I have one of these - DRTT - 26-03-2013

yep, I got one so has my lass,
great little bike, but sadly mine needs a new big end/ conrod so if anyone out there knows of a good place to send it to for split rebuild I'm all ears, Wales based would be better but happy to send off as long as it's a reputable engineer/builder.