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Belgium for Easter - knobblywobbly_phpbb3_import2 - 16-03-2010

Every year I organise a trip to Belgium over the Easter weekend for the Suzuki Owners Club. This year the trip is to Ostend from Friday 2nd April to Monday 5th April, staying in a hotel near the centre. There are 2 double rooms still available if anyone is interested in coming along on the trip - it’s open to anyone, not just SOC members. The rooms are €64 per night b&b plus €5 per night if you require parking in the hotels garage. The weekend usually takes the format of drinking copius amounts of fine Belgian beers in the evening and, for those sober enough the next day, rideouts through the day. There are currently 33 people going on the trip, aged between 23 & 60+ (even older if Big Bob was going) , on a variety of bikes. Don’t let the fact that you may not know anyone put you off - I don’t know half of them either, but that’s part of the fun!

If you’re interested please let me know asap.

Re: Belgium for Easter - BigBob - 16-03-2010

:o (even older if Big Bob was going) :o
Oi! that`s fighting talk where I come from! :x