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Loom - BigBob - 01-11-2012

Wiring loom wanted for 750SK.
Don`t mind a 800SL or a 750 SJ, but must be in good condition
Mine has fried itself and I don`t have a spare
Good condition switches to match would also help

Re: Loom - ScottyBoy - 01-11-2012

Dont know if this is any good for you Thumbup


Re: Loom - BigBob - 01-11-2012

Yeah, I saw that thanks.
As condition is unknown I`ll assume it`s not fit for the purpose

Re: Loom - spendango - 01-11-2012

BOB PM sent

Re: Loom - nug - 01-11-2012

I may have one Bob in amongst my collection of shit...oops! I mean useful spares. I am not sure if it was very sound & certainly have no idea if it was working prior to removal. I had planned to use it as a pattern for a new one on my "proposed" project. I you have no luck finding a good one then let me know & will fish it out of the Canal & give it a good check over, who knows it may get you out the poop.

Re: Loom - Dr Beer - 05-11-2012

In the process of taking one off right now, let me know if still looking


Re: Loom - spendango - 05-11-2012


Re: Loom - BigBob - 05-11-2012

Yep, still looking

Re: Loom - spendango - 05-11-2012

mine was posted today should be with me tomorrow or wed ,let you know condition

Re: Loom - Dr Beer - 06-11-2012

See how you get on with spens but the one I took off last night was 100% complete. no alterations and all terminals/connectors intact, no bare wires anywhere. Not sure of model though, I sure you no better than me :ugeek: lol.
just let me know
All the best