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Full Version: dr 650 carb
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Hi.New to this forum so please be gentle with me. At the moment I,me building a couple of projects. One is a gs500 cafe racer,which is near completion.The other is a chopper/lowrider.That one uses a yamaha 600 diversion engine,kwaka gpz1000rx forks and wheels,a hardtail frame I made myself,and a suzuki ts185 petrol tank....all cobbled together by myself with one off brackets and bits and pieces.I reckon I,me about half way through the build on that one.
Anyway,under my work bench,is a dr650 engine, which I would like to put into some kind of home made frame after Ive worked my way through the other projects. The engine itself turns over freely,but is missing the starter motor and carb. Now Ive looked at a few things on various websites about the dr650 and it seems that the standard carb is not quite up to the job....and is best replaced with a harley 40mm carb, or something similar to release a bit more power and flexibility. Has anyone on hear done that conversion or heard of someone doing it.Thanks