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Full Version: Public Randonnee
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Here in France they have 100's of 1000's of km of paths called PR's. They are like green lanes only narrower.

The good news is that they can be ridden on quite legitimately.

So this morning, after two weeks of bloody rain, the sun shone and I decided to go exploring. Unfortunately I only had my iPhone for pics and was basically having far too much fun to stop, but thought I'd share what I've got.

Initially I headed off to a tiny village called Cazals. This is situated on the banks of the Aveyron which is the most swollen I have ever seen it.

[Image: 4204f5c8.jpg]

Swollen enough to flood the road in fact

[Image: ddd6ac01.jpg]

After a coffee with my old man, I headed off into the woods, where the paths were rocky, muddy and wet.

Bizarrely I came across a lavoir (wash house) in the middle of the woods.

[Image: ae1a5142.jpg]

Further along and the path became a rocky stream. Crappy pics don't do the water and rockiness justice- it was great fun!

[Image: 8ad9c2c3.jpg]

Exited onto my favourite D-road for some fast twisties before getting home.

Fantastic. Want to go do it again now!
You can`t beat getting dirty. Can we come and join you?
Looks like your part of the world is much more interesting than dullsville Essex.
yeah how much for a weeks B&B
How come you took the panniers off Nick ? Lanes must have been narrow. Looks like great fun mate Thumbup


Yeah Nath, would never have fitted down some of the tracks with the panniers, plus I've have been totally paranoid about denting them!

My back tyre is so thin now, it was useless, must get a new one asap.

Going to do a bit of exploring next time I'm down there (I'm currently in San Francisco) look at a few PR trails and see if a fun circuit can be put together. Then I'll invite you all down to play!

And I'll take a decent camera!!
Yeh good stuff mate it looks worthy of more exploration thats for sure.