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Full Version: Adventure Bikes Day @ The Ace Cafe
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See you lot around midday then. Met Office nobs are predicting snow. Oh well.....


BigBob Wrote:See you lot around midday then. Met Office nobs are predicting snow. Oh well.....
Hi BigBob
It's very Icy here in Norfolk at the moment, I left it as long as I could but if it not improved I don't think that I will make the 210mile jurney to London. I would though if you like perhaps come to you on the first weekend in March for a ride out if you interested, coz next week I'm out in business.
Hope to see you all tomorrow though fingers cross. Sad
Ta Ta
It`s 9.30 am here and just pissing it down. I`ll give it to 10.15 and if you are not here I`ll make my way on my own. Looks like I`ll need all my waterproofs though. Confusedhock: :? :o


Well it seems that I made the right decicion, it's snowing in here started about half hour ago. It would it made my journey home hell :evil:
Hope you have a good day, ride careful BigBob
Ta Ta Wink


Here is the snow at 10Am this morning :roll:

[Image: DSC_5727.jpg]
[Image: DSC_5728.jpg]
[Image: DSC_5729.jpg]

These is what look like at 12 oclock :D

Hope you had a good ride BigBog
Ta Ta
`Kinell......that looks like the sort of snow I was caught out in last week. Can`t say I blame you for staying indoors, no point in dying for the cause.
It was heavy rain when I left home and it just increased in intensity till it was the proverbial deluge. Dead interesting to watch a 12 inch bow wave off the front tyre at 70 mph down the A12 :o . Narrowly avoided several assassination attempts by psychpathic London car drivers with an attitude problem.....as usual. One lost a wing mirror by way of reply :twisted: . Biker 1 Twatt 0. That will teach him Big Grin Arrived at the Ace to find a good turnout, dominated by German tractors of course. Quite a few Africa Twins and Teneres were there, but I was the solitary Big. Met someone called Francis who left Clacton on a Big, but water in the works meant his bike went home via the AA. Oh well........
From the postings on the XRV site, it seems the weather stopped lots of other people from turning up at the Ace.
Let`s hope the weather improves soon :mrgreen:
Well, they sound like tractors Big Grin
Touratech were there selling overpriced bling widgets for aforesaid Hunmobiles
I can`t believe anyone would pay their insane prices :o
Funny lot those German tractorboys Confusedhock:
If you are not working today then sling her in the van and bring her over. We`ll kick some life into the old girl. :o


Here´s a couple of pics from Sunday. Sorry they´re a bit blurred around the edges - I must clean the camera lens on my phone!

[Image: img055a.jpg]

[Image: img053a.jpg]

[Image: img058a.jpg]
Wot?.....no pictures of my Big? :o :o
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