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Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 16:36 GMT+1, by drjimmy

Hi, has anyone out there got a link pipe for a single can i.e Laser Produro?
Or both the can and link pipe?
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Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 16:56 GMT+1, by BigBob

I don`t think anyone ever made a link pipe for a DR 750 to fit a standard 52 mm can. From memory a Laser was 52mm one end and 78mm the other. If you plan on fitting a standard sports bike can, you`ll find it will be too noisy and won`t run as well.

Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 18:30 GMT+1, by vilguy

im having a link pipe made to suit a 52mm can....

how come it runs badly bob?

Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 18:45 GMT+1, by zappa.suzuki

A original link pipe from Laser go's from 45 mm to 78mm in 3 steps, also there is a maze in there running along the side..

Badly running good be because of the lack of back draft, a air pulse in the pipe sucking air from the cylinder..

If got a BIG with a Laser with a home made link pipe { not by me} it also go's up in steps and works fine

Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 21:38 GMT+1, by BigBob

Not enough back pressure. Wave harmonics and all that.

Link Pipe

on Sat 16 of Jan., 2010 23:05 GMT+1, by bigbob

Best pipe I`ve come across so far is Devil, but they don`t make them any more. Occasionally come up on German or French Ebay though.

Link Pipe

on Sun 17 of Jan., 2010 11:34 GMT+1, by metalmanst

i found two companys that make stainless system .1- ospipes in staffordshire 01889 271713 . 2- a.a.s. in newcastle -upon- tyne, stuart 0191 2673718 .

Link Pipe

on Sun 17 of Jan., 2010 16:22 GMT+1, by bluesman

It is quite tricky about exhaust on big mono, but to be honest it is not that difficult to make it work with suitable sportbike exhaust.
I have experimented with Laser, Remus and even stock pipes off some il4 and came to installing stock (made by Arrow) exhaust from Benelli Tornado Tre (hald labyrinth half straight) and it made my DR work way way better than any result I achieved with Laser or other kits. And it sounds lots better than any aftermarket DR-specific cans. But it is big can, properly big. Good it's all titanium and light.
I made link pipe myself from smashed headers off VTR1000 and so far 25000+ km I had not a single problem with fueling. And it saved me 11 kg of weight.
Laser for DR also comes in 2 variants - labyrinth full road legal and "race" which is almost straight-through.
Main principle I used when selecting sportbike can for DR is to find one off large twin or tripple, e.g. made to work with big volume pulses. And it must be at least half-labyrinth type to actually silence something Smile
Arrow made wonderfull exhausts for DR, based upon Dakar-specs cans of late DR Zetas, but those were loud. You can still find them in form of XTZ or Africa Twin aftermarket Arrow cans, you only have to cut and re-weld link pipe...
I am sure that Ducati Monster cans will work just find on DR too, and those are available second-hand.

Sorry for sidetracking. Just if it can be of any use...


I put a lazer produro on my first Dr800 and bought a Holeshot front pipe from Hessler
http://www.hessler-motorsport.de/site/ had to cut it down a touch
Trouble with the Holeshot, is that it`s very thin walled which means it starts to glow red hot on tickover, which is scary if you don`t know why :o . The Devil stainless downpipe is far superior, shame they don`t make them any more