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Full Version: yamaha tt600
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so i got rid of a gasser ec300 to help fund the suspension on the dr800....but gumtree called and i ended up with this Banghead
so the new shock for the 800 will have to wait till closer to chrimbo :D
yeah thats my mates trevors bike from Islandmagee , do you want the bad news :wtf:
Ohh sounds ominous....
just pullin his leg ,the guy he bought it from has 3 or 4 tt 600 and has raced enduros for years so i"m sure they talked shit half the night LOL Big Grin has big miles but would have been looked after ,it"s an import probably Italian . maybe he"ll sell me the DR now :D
Well wear Kyle, nice machine Thumbup
spendango Wrote:yeah thats my mates trevors bike from Islandmagee , do you want the bad news :wtf:

had me worried there for a sec there :o

you are right it is Trevors bike and a luvely wee job it is to..
wouldnt have said 5300 kilometers was big miles for the xt600 Lump :D

sell the dr???? nah...but i might have a KTM950advs up for grabs soon :eh:

or maybe not :D
is it not 53000 km about 34000 miles Banghead shift that dr and you can play on your TT Thumbup
right you are spen.....finger got tired hitting 0

even at that tho not too many miles
was gonna ring trev and buy that myself ,sorry i didn"t now Confusedhift:
there are some serious problems with the engine mounting on the tt :prob:
when i change gear or snap open/shut the throttle the bike feels like she is going to break in half :o
took a while to track down the cause of the problem ,,,but it turned out the rear engine mount had a lot of sideways play..the swingarm pivot and rear engine mount on these bikes are one and the same..so i pulled the pivot bolt and the bushings in the engine casings..these showed signs of wear so i ordered new ones....i had thought this would cure the problem but now i have her back together im not so sure :?

there is a gap between each side of the engine mount and the swingarm so im thinkin this will still allow sideways movement of the engine when under load..maybe there should be shims in here as well that were never put back??? hard to know with no manual..think i'll experiment with a few washers :D
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