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Full Version: fuel filter
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Is it ok to use any replacement inline fuel filter on the dr 750?
In theory yes, however ................. the line coming from the tank is 8mm and the line going into the fuel pump is 6mm.
The Suzuki filter has a 6mm one end and 8mm the other to accomodate this, but where else are you going to find a filter with those dimensions?
If you try and bodge a standard filter on to it then you are risking a fuel line splitting and spilling petrol all over the engine :o
I think I would rather spend £9.66 with those thieving bastards at Suzuki than have my bollix incinerated along with the bike :o
Part no 15410-94350.
Robinsons 01227 454366 will have one.
Mention my name for 10% discount :D