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Full Version: rear tanks
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Hi all, i have just bought a stunning red 1989 DR750. i will be slowly making it a dakar replica, i have been looking for teh tanks that go on the rear but cant seem to find them...

any ideas..

Nothing available off a shelf as far i know mate. Custom fabrication job im afraid, lad on here Crayons or was it Rick le Ray was getting a set made up, over a grand iirc.
If you do manage to find further info on this update us! Smile
And welcome!


great..... thanks for that, i will keep searching Banghead
As these tanks were only used on the 1987-89 DRZ 750 PD competition bikes, and there were no Brits in the teams, the chances of finding one in the UK is infinitesmally small.
More chance of finding one in Europe, but extremely unlikely after 20 odd years, and then finding a pair in good nick? You would have to be very lucky.
Also, the DRZ frames were adapted to carry the tanks, whereas the standard bike is not, so would require a bit of engineering.
When tanked up these bikes carried 60 litres of fuel so will require at least a second mortgage to fill up. :D
If you do acquire/fabricate some, make sure they are extremely crash proof as that`s an awful lot of combustible material you`ll be lugging around.
Alas, you have arrived on the scene 20 years too late, and the PD was never very popular over here, unlike France and other european countries, so it`s probably worth trawling through old French websites to make contacts. Of course, it will all be written in Frog, but easy enough to translate.
Will it be a Camel or a Marlborough replica?


thanks for the reply, i will broaden my search. Im not sure weather its going to be a total replica or a one off type thing. i will keep you all posted.

thanks again.