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Full Version: Renthall handlebars
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Could someone help me
I would like to fit some new renthal handlebars, I am interested in the Fatbars, I know that I need to fit the risers too, but I also like the Standard Braced alloy bars, they all have numbers, which one is the best to use, I do not have standard bars to compare them with.
If any body has fitted them do they know what number bars that they fitted ?
Any ideas Big Bob
I have to order them Mail Order as the only local place that stocks them only has the Streetfighter Bars in stock
You will find it difficult to locate a renthal fat bar with even a similar height to the standard bar. If you want standard height you will have to attain that via the risers. Renthals details on rise, sweep, height yadayada are described in this fashion
[Image: renthal-dimensions.jpg]
Compare the stats of the fat bar to your preferred 'ideal bar' and match the height with an appropriate riser is my advice. The info you require to do this is here http://www.renthal.com/File/product2d.as...=&bikedate=

Closest i could get to the standard set up but with a quality tough aftermarket bar was renthals 613 - 01 dakar high, (non fat bar) With an extra inch or so riser from hessler il cheaply have the bars i wanted with less sweep (i found the standard sweep too extreme) and slightly higher too.
Because I`m so tall I`ve always used the standard bars with either 4 or 6 inch risers.
None of the Renthals or any other makes had the rise or sweep of the originals so were too small for me, so can`t really comment on what bars are best to use.
BigBob Wrote:Because I`m so tall I`ve always used the standard bars with either 4 or 6 inch risers.
Any issues with that much height and standard cables?
Nope, Suzuki cables always are longer than necessary so will cope with being stretched a couple of inches.
On every Honda I`ve owned the cables are measured to the exact mm and you can`t change anything, which is probably why I don`t own one any more. Hondas are always boring anyway.
Great news on the cables!
Your presenting lik a closet Hondaboy Bob, I suggest you buy one and come out, you will only frustrate yourself Big Grin