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Full Version: adjust floats and needle valves
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Does anybody know how to adjust floats and needle valves on carbs for DR750 1988 Thanks Ian


What does RTFM stand for
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The 750's float heights are 14.8mm iirc ('Irish Institute of Radical Coffee' :roll: )
This is best done by bending the wee tab it sits on up or down to achieve the correct height. Have a gawk here buddy http://home.germany.net/avehrenb/DR800maintenance.html
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Oh thank you so much for your kindness it is overwhelming :D


Hi All,

I have an '88 DR750S which , you guessed it, has been sitting in a shed for a few years.

I have just followed the manual and dismantled the Carby. Stupidly, yes know - I did not check which float same off which carby.
The out flow on one Carby has a brass fitting while the other float is open (no brass fitting).

My Question is simply which float goes on which carby .

PS I could not find this answer in the manual and yes I'm not very mechanical but I like to give it go!!

I've attached a couple of photos hopefully to assist.

Thanks guys.
It doesn`t really matter which one.
That brass tube sucks up the fuel for the choke.
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