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Full Version: Wheel bearings
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Anyone know what the deal is with that feckin mad front wheel bearing?! Banghead Mine is goosed.
Its the 15ish mm deep one im after (my hubs are away being blasted and forgot to take down the part no and measure it). Im guessing an industrial bearing supplier will do some chin stroking on that one.
simplybearings.co.uk are worth a crack for this they are well stocked. If i have the dimensions/part no i can use their selection search thingy to see if they stock it.
Thanks a mill :D
Aaaargh|! :o The dreaded front wheel bearing problem rears its ugly fecking head yet again.
For some strange reason, some SJ models got a 6202 (15x35x11) on one side and a 6002 (15x32x9) on the other.
Most bikes had 6202 on both sides fortunately, as it`s quite hard to locate a 6002 as it`s not used very often.
Why they used such a small bearing for no good reason I don`t know.
However, knowing the way Suzuki work, I was expecting the same hub to be used on an earlier model and they were just using up old stock, but this is not the case at all. As I have the facility to cross reference all Suzuki parts, I find it quite odd that not a single Suzuki has ever used this bearing. In fact, doing a bit more homework, it seems almost no Japanese bike uses this bearing. So......wtf were Suzuki thinking?
Maybe they received a batch of hubs that were machined wrong and got round it by using this weird bearing, who knows?
I do know that I`ve had this bearing go on my front wheel before a couple of times many years ago. I ended up replacing the bearing a third time and sold the wheel to someone who needed a spare.
Very strange indeed.
My advice would be to use a wheel that doesn`t use that bearing Wink
Cheap enough on Ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/6002-2RS-KOYO-BEAR...563b0c5a36
Bob, thanks. Btw i am left slightly in awe of your knowledge on these yokes. I can see you, in the black chair, 'your chosen area of speciality is the suzuki dr big years 88 to...' :clap:

When you say 'Why they used such a small bearing for no good reason I don`t know' you see the small bearing as the problem. I see the bigger one as the problem as its a harder to track down item. Do you know if its available from an industrial supplier?

Could you approve or disprove the following idea please.

Replace weird assed thick bearing with skinny (high quality) bearing like other side. Offset the bearing with a spacer that sits the new skinny bearing correctly.


Ps any idea on what Robinsons want for the thick fecker? Give us a laugh and tell us what Suzi wants for it Big Grin
Hi, I had a similar problem last year and was not going to pay Suzuki prices for one bearing, so after looking in an SKF catalogue, I ordered two 16002 bearings 15x32x8, put together make 15x32x16, which is the size of the original bearing, at a fraction of the cost.
Nice one Dave and thanks for the advice on this.
This approach would be the easiest solution alright. How has the two bearings side by side performed? The donor bike had this arrangement but the outermost bearing has widened the seat and appears to have spun up in the seat! My worry is that the tightening force of the spindle nut on this arrangement may cause problems like this. I could be totally wrong on this though as the donor bike had an owner who was a plonker as some of the bearing seats are indexed from drifting in bearings incorrectly.
Hi H_, If the outer path is damaged, you only have a couple of choices, fit an original 15x32x16 bearing, or have the O/D machined to fit the later 6202 15X35X11 bearing, any machine shop will be able to flycut it on a mill, or even better a CNC mill, but you will need a longer spacer making and a larger dia outer, or find an original set.......or find another front wheel.


Actually putting 2 bearings side by side could be a bit bad unless washer of outer diameter close to bearing inner ring diameter installed, so that bearings guaranteed to only make contact by inner ring flange. Otherwise locks and overheating is possible, very possible.

Bearing 15x32X16 can be replaced by 15X32X13 with 3 mm spacer.
Industry-standard SKF single row 63002 bearing is 15X32X13
Also industry-standard 15X32 are available from SKF etc. in widht 8 (16002, light series) and 9 (6002)
But - the 15X35 sizes carry quite a lot higher dynamic and static load ratings, e.g. will serve better. I guess Suzuki double-row 15X32 bearing was rated similar to 15X35 single row 11 bearing.

Double row bearings are better in front wheels if such light series of diameters used in terms of dynamic and static load and wear resistance.
Original bearing actually not specific to DR750, it is NTN 0261 bearing, full name for sealed unit is DF0261C3
Correction..........and a larger dia outer....... I was thinking it was on the LH side, when actually it is on the speedo drive side, so it would just need a longer spacer. I fitted a new front tyre a couple of weeks ago and inspected the bearings, as I always do and all looks well and has covered about 4000miles since fitting.
Another consideration is to fit an SR43 front wheel, as I have done on another bike (SR42), you get a six point mounted, bigger dia floating disc and easily available bearings and with a mod to the caliper carrier it all fits inside the original disc shield....just.
I also fitted an SR43 rear wheel, caliper and swing arm with it's deeper section, powder coated blue with the frame.......fitted with white SR41 bodywork, it looks like an original DR BIG.