Dr Big

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Bobs what to look for in a DR is priceless info to us .what about a list of other DR parts that are compatable with the 800 . or indeed a list of best mods to improve your DR ? i know this would take BOB some time but i started to panic when we nearly lost him to swine flu last winter :D so if he can do this before next winter this would stop me panicing incase he gets sick again Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin :ugeek:


A list of other parts that would fit the Big would take forever! It could be done for some, commoner parts - which parts do you think would be best to start with?
what about a list of bikes with compatable bits .
ie clutch plates dr650 ,freewind etc etc

just a thought Banghead


I was having a look at "Zedder" this afternoon but for some reason the DR750 & 800 don´t seem to be included - the DR´s stop at the 650 which would make the task even more difficult.


just look up the part number and then google..
I`m already on the case, it`s just going to take some time. I`m actually working on hints and tips rather than interchangeable parts at the moment, though that will be on the list of things to do next. Hopefully it will be finished before the winter comes and I fall off my perch Wink
btw The reason the Big is not on Zedder is because it`s a US site, and the Big was never sold in the USA.


I thought that may be the case, although the Africa Twin is in the Honda version and it wasn't imported to the US either.

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